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Dr. Crystal will be on maternity leave, call for availability. Baby Jimmerson due August 2017!

Tips for Gardening 

1.  Stretch first. Warm the muscles to help perform your work more effeciently and with less injury.

2.  Ensure correct posture and form.  Avoid over reaching, frequent twisting, and prolonged immobility.  Instead, use ladders, move to the job and face squarely to the projects that you are working. 

3. Stay hydrated.  When working in the heat ensure that you drinking enough water to avoid dehydration or heat exhaustion.

4.  Protect yourself from the sun. There are many ways you can do this.  Wear a wide brim hat.  Wear sunscreen of at least SPF15 and reapply every 2  hours.  Wear UV absorbent sun glasses.  Limit exposure and seek shade when possible.

    Happy Gardening!  Enjoy the beautiful colors and the sunshine.

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Take a look at this interesting article posted on the American Chiropractic Association Website  regarding using non-invasive, non-drug treatments.

.ACA Applauds Low Back Pain Guidelines Advocating Non-Drug Treatments First


Tips for Shoveling Snow Safely

  1.  Wear breathable layers
  2.   Take a few minutes to stretch first to warm muscles.

         3.  Push the snow; don’t  lift it

         4. If you do have to lift,  bend at the knees

         5.   Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions

  1.  Take breaks to allow muscles to rest
  2.  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated


Jimmerson Chiropractic is proud to support the Great Falls Gladiators football team for the 2017 Season.

As of June 24th, 2014, Jimmerson Chiropractic Clinic is now utilizing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software system called Chirotouch. This system was put in place in order to modernize our office and at the same time help us provide better quality of care and service to our patients. Electronic Health Records will be mandatory for all healthcare professionals who treat Medicare patients in 2015.


When visiting Jimmerson Chiropractic Clinic, our office staff will guide you through the self check-in process on a touchscreen computer located in our waiting room. The check-in process will streamline your visit by having you enter in your symptom(s) for which you are seeking care.

Dr. Priebe has obtained the postgraduate designation of Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®) by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP) in 2013.  The CCSP® certification requires the doctor to attend a minimum of 100 hours of a 120 hour postgraduate program.  This instruction is specific to physical fitness and the evaluation and treatment of injuries encountered in sports.  Following the completion of these hours, the doctor must take and successfully pass a comprehensive written examination.


This training will aid the doctor in the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries by enhancing her diagnostic skills and patient care.  The CCSP® accreditation exists to provide a uniform standard of education that assures teams and athlete that the doctor has met a minimum level of competency in chiropractic sports medicine.  Dr. Priebe joins over 5200 others internationally who hold this designation.

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